Yster ISUP 12’6″x 30″ Linear


Yster ISUP 12’6 “x 30” Linear is a versatile inflatable SUP perfect for exercise, long-distance, yoga and fishing. In addition, the front deck is adapted to accommodate both two- and four legged passengers.

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ISUP 12’6″x 30″ Linear

A versatile inflatable SUP board.

Yster ISUP 12’6 “x 30” Linear is a versatile inflatable SUP board. The long slim shape and flat rocker in combination with a nose tracker fin, make Yster ISUP 12 ‘6 “x 30” Linear extremely directional stable. Moreover, the board comes with a large 9 “single center flat water fin as standard, which means that the Yster ISUP 12 ‘6 “x 30” Linear will keep the course even in windy and choppy conditions. Since it tracks straight, you do not need to change paddling side as often.

 Yster ISUP 12’6 “x 30” Linear is suitable for various activities thanks to its versatility. On the right-hand side there is a paddle holder that becomes handy if you need to free up your hands, e.g. for SUP yoga or fishing. There is also a holder for GoPros or other equipment conveniently attached to the board just in front of the pad. Gear can also be strapped to bungee cords both at the front and back to get the right load balance.

To accommodate for passengers on board, we have put a non-slip pad on the front deck so that both two- and four legged passengers will have a safe ride. The passenger handles on the front deck provide additional safety for passengers.

Yster ISUP 12’6 “x 30” Linear comes rolled up in a customized wheeled backpack. Apart from the board itself, there is also room for a SUP pump, 3-piece paddle and some extra gear. The ISUP bag also has an integrated changing mat.

We make Yster ISUP 12’6 “x 30” Linear in modern fusion technology. This results in lightweight boards yet boards capable of high inflation pressure. Yster ISUP 12’6 “x 30” Linear can be inflated to no less than 26 psi. Still, it becomes rigid already at 20 psi. Although the board has a pressure tolerance of 30 psi, we recommend that it is inflated to maximum 26 psi to allow for variations in ambient temperature.

In the box:
  • Inflatable SUP 12’6”x 30”
  • Professional Yster wheeled backpack in strong 1680D Nylon with integrated changing mat.
  • SUP-pump with pressure gauge
  • Single center 9” flat water fin
  • Repair kit with repair patches and valve key
Technical specification:
  • Design: Fusion Dropstitch and standard US fin box.
  • Length: 12’6” (381 cm)
  • Width: 30” (76.2 cm)
  • Height: 6” (15,2 cm)
  • Volume: 320 liters
  • Weight: 9.9 kg
  • Recommended pressure normal usage: 20 psi
  • Maximum inflation pressure: 26 psi
  • Maximum technical  pressure: 30 psi

Directional stability

Directional stability means how straight the board tracks in the water. In addition to the shape of the board, directional stability are also affected by e.g. wind, waves, currents, fin design and fin positioning, paddler’s position on the board and paddling technique.


Glide means how effortlessly the board moves in the water. In general, the longer and slimmer board, the better glide, but the shape and rocker of the board also has a great impact on the water flow characteristics. Other factors that affect the speed of the board are wind, waves, currents, fins, paddler’s positioning on the board and paddling technique.


Stability indicates how stable the board is to stand and paddle on. The static stability, i.e. when standing still on the board, is in essence affected by its width, bottom profile and fin size. The dynamic stability – when the boards travels in the water – is also affected by its width, bottom profile and fin size but also by the shape of the tail. As a result, Yster’s boards feel more stable, even though they are long and narrow. Other external factors that affect the perceived stability are wind, waves, currents, fins and paddler’s positioning on the board.
The number gives an relative indication of the weight of the characteristics.

Additional information

Weight 9.9 kg
Dimensions 381 × 76.2 × 15.2 cm


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