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Rent a SUP in Malmö

Paddle at your own pace from 199 SEK

Check availability and book online from 199 SEK. Choose a SUP board to suit your experience and skill level. In case of poor weather conditions you can always request a free rain check to reschedule your trip to a later date. 

See you at the dock next to Slottsträdgården.

A wonderful experience.

Very good location and instructor.

Incredible SUP experience.

Very good quality of boards.

Highly recommended.

Rent a SUP board suitable for you

Choose a SUP board that suits you and your skill level.

SUP boards have very different characteristics depending on their shape and size. At SUP Malmö you can choose between different board categories from stable beginner- and touring boards to super fast race boards that the world SUP elite race on.

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Book an instructor-led SUP-course or a guided SUP-tour

Check availability and book online

An instructor-led SUP-course or paddling with a tour guide is a perfect activity for after-work, hen- & stag nights, corporate events or just a fun acticity with family and friends. If any of the scheduled times would not fit you and your company, we are happy to arrange a tailor made event. Our courses are led only by certified SUP instructors with many years of experience in SUP paddling.


Many of our course participants have never paddled SUP before, but by the end of our introductory course we know that almost all participants stand up on the board.

That is why we offer the Stand-up Guarantee – if you don’t stand up during the lesson, you get your money back.

Through our long experience with SUP coaching, we have developed a methodology that not only gets the course participants on their feet, but also educates them about various paddling techniques and safety. The knowledge, skills and techniques from our lessons will last a lifetime.

Read more and book directly:

Check availability and book online

Check out and book available dates and boards in our booking calendar.

Changing facilities available at Clarion Hotel Malmö LIve

Changing facilities are available at Clarion Hotel Malmö LIve. Why not try apres SUP in the Living Room bar? You can also get prepared at the toilets at Slottsträdgårdskaféet or at our dock.

Our staff helps you getting started

Our friendly staff on the dock shows you how to get started. You can also reach our staff by phone while you are out on the canals.

Rent a SUP-board that suits your skills

Choose between a range of stable beginner boards to super fast race boards.

Only certified SUP instructors on our courses

Our course instructors are certified with long experience of paddle boarding.


Premium SUPs from Malmö-based Yster SUP

We only paddle on premium SUPs from Yster SUP developed in Malmö.


Try before you buy a SUP board

Try out an Yster SUP before you buy one. Many of those who test an Yster board find themselves comfortable on a narrower board than they anticipated.

Try & Buy Yster SUP boards

Interested in buying a SUP board from Yster SUP but want to try it first? Sure. Just let us know which model you are interested in and we will get back to you in a few hours with further details.

Try & buy

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Find us

SUP Malmö is located ca 1k from Malmö cental station just by Slottsträdgården’s Café. The nearest parking is at Malmö Museum Parkering.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on rentals, courses, events or Yster SUP boards. Please use the contact form below or call us on +46406436040.


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Frequently Asked Quetions

Below we have collected the most frequently asked questions.

I have never tried SUP before. Is it dangerous?

In the first ten minutes, the SUP board can feel a bit tippy, but normally you get the hang of the board’s movements pretty soon. If it feels scary to stand up, you can always paddle on your knees.

Can children paddle?

You must be 18 years old to paddle. Children over the age of 11 are welcome to paddle in the company of a parent.

What happens if you fall into the water?

Then you get wet! Since you are attached to the SUP board but a leash, you will always be close to the board. In addition, the life jacket ensures that you are always above the water. It’s easy to get back on the board: Get to the middle of the board, make a few kicks with your legs and climb onto the board. The board is actually a kind of lifebuoy, so never try to get off the board.

Isn't the canal water dirty?

As the water quality in some parts of the canal can be poor after torrential rain, you should avoid swallowing water. Our manager on the dock or instructor will give instructions and suggestions for waterways after a downpour.

Do you have to be able to swim?

Yes, you must be able to swim. If you should fall, you must be able to get back to the board.

Where can I change clothes?

There are changing rooms with lockers, showers and saunas at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live. Just ask for a key at reception. You can also change in the Slottsträdgård cafe’s toilets or directly on the jetty.

Can I bring my mobile phone and where can I leave my valuables when paddling?

You can take your mobile phone and valuables with you at your own risk. You are welcome to borrow a waterproof case from us. There is also a lockable box on the dock where you can leave your belongings. However, SUP Malmö does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage to your belongings.

Can you bring passengers on the SUP board?

Passengers and animals are not allowed on the SUP boards.

What happens if I don't come back on time?

If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be charged for the next hour.

Can I call someone if I can't find it back?

Yes, you can call our host on the dock if you need help.

Where can I buy SUP in Malmö?

At SUP Malmö you can try SUP boards from Yster SUP. If you then want to buy SUP in Malmö, we recommend ordering directly online at

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