Yster ISUP 14’x 28″ Linear

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Yster ISUP 14’x 28″ Linear is the ultimate SUP board for touring, adventure, and expeditions, designed to be fast, stable, and directional stable with excellent load capacity.

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ISUP 14’x 28″ Linear

Tried-and-Tested: The ultimate choice for SUP expeditions and SUP adventures

If you were to participate in a SUP race covering 715 km through the wilderness totally unsupported, how would you choose a SUP board for the race? You would probably look for a reputable SUP brand known for manufacturing boards that have successfully faced similar challenges e.g. Yster SUP Dutch female duo smashes the world’s longest paddle race. Additionally, you would likely seek an ISUP designed for touring, adventure, and expeditions—shaped to be fast, stable, and directional-stable with excellent load capacity. This is precisely the approach that ultra-distance paddler Göran ‘Gossa’ Gustavsson took, ultimately winning one of the world’s toughest long-distance races on a Yster ISUP 14’x 28′ Linear in the summer of 2023.

From a construction perspective, making a long, narrow inflatable SUP while ensuring it remains longitudinally rigid is challenging. At Yster, we’ve tackled this challenge in two ways: Firstly, the board can be inflated to no less than 26 psi, making the Yster ISUP 14’x 28′ Linear extremely rigid. For regular use, we recommend inflating to 20 psi to account for variations in ambient temperature. Secondly, we have integrated smart inserts in the board where an extra Yster SUP paddle can be mounted using the Yster ISUP Paddle Stringer Technology TM kit. The extra paddle becomes a stringer, making the board stiffer longitudinally. Since you should bring an extra paddle on your SUP adventure anyway, with Yster ISUP Paddle Stringer Technology, the paddle serves a dual purpose.

A large 9-inch flat water fin comes with the board. Since the horizontal distance of the fin is greater than conventional surf fins, the board’s torsion is reduced with each paddle stroke. This means that the board becomes more directional stable, and there’s less need to switch paddle sides as frequently, resulting in higher speed on the water. The difference is truly noticeable compared to traditional all-around ISUPs, which typically ‘yaw’ in waves and wind.

With integrated bungee cords both in front and behind the pad, there’s space for lots of packing or if you simply want to free your hands from the paddle to grab your phone—just slide the paddle blade under the straps. Yster ISUP 14’x 28″ Linear is also compatible with our 60-liter dry bag designed for SUP expeditions: Yster SUP Expedition Dry Bag 60 – SUPdriven Expeditions Edition. The board has D-rings that precisely fit the carabines of the dry bag, so just connect and tighten to secure the bag on the board. There is room for two Yster SUP Expedition Dry Bags, one in front and one behind the pad, ensuring an even distribution of the load along the length of the board.

Yster’s professional backpack, made of robust 1680D Nylon with rubber wheels, features an outer compartment for the pump and hose and a side pocket perfect for a three-piece paddle. The bag’s lid has a rubberised surface, transforming it into a changing mat when unfolded. The central compartment of the backpack accommodates the board and some additional gear. As the backpack is splash-resistant, you can bring your belongings and pump along on your paddling adventure.

In the box
  • Inflatable SUP 14’x 28”
  • Professional wheeled Yster backpack in robust 1680D Nylon and an integrated changing mat
  • Performance double- and single-action SUP pump with pressure gauge
  • Single center 9” fin
  • Repair kit with patches and valve key
Technical specifications
  • Construction: Light-weight Dropstitch with a standard US fin box.
  • Length: 14’ (427 cm)
  • Width: 28” (71 cm)
  • Height: 6” (15 cm)
  • Volume: 318 liters
  • Weight: 10.9 kg
  • Recommended pressure for regular use: 20 psi.
  • Max inflation pressure: 26 psi
  • Max technical pressure: 30 psi

The Yster ISUP 14’x 28″ Linear is fast, stable, with phenomenal tracking, and can carry lots of cargo. The board is the chosen companion for SUPdriven Expeditions.

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Outstanding glide

Flat rocker 

A flat rocker that utilises the entire waterline provides fantastic glide with low deceleration after each paddle stroke.

Extremely rigid with Yster ISUP Paddle Stringer Technology TM

Yster ISUP Paddle Stringer Technology TM (accessory)

With the accessory Yster ISUP Paddle Stringer Technology TM kit and an additional Yster SUP paddle, the paddle is mounted as a stringer, making the board extremely rigid lengthwise.

Phenomenal tracking

Tracker fin

The tracker fin, flat rocker, and a 9-inch fin contribute to the phenomenal directional stability of the Yster ISUP 14’x 28″ Linear.

Optimised hydrodynamics

Drop-shaped outline

The drop-shaped outline is designed to optimise hydrodynamics, minimise water resistance, and reduce turbulence that would otherwise slow down the board. The optimised hydrodynamics result in phenomenal glide, allowing the board to maintain speed in the water between paddle strokes.

Hard and rigid

High pressure

Yster ISUP 14’x 28″ Linear can be inflated to no less than 26 psi, making it extremely rigid and preventing it from sagging in the middle.

Lift, tow and strap

Handle with D-rings in the nose

In the nose, there is a robust handle designed to make it easy to lift the board out of the water—handy when carrying additional cargo on the board. The front D-ring can be used for mooring or, if there is limited space between the roof racks on your car, for securing the board with a rope when transporting it on the roof. It also serves an important safety feature in case you need to tow someone. The rear D-ring is perfect for hooking on extra straps to secure the load.

Additional handle in just the right place

Front handle with D-rings

The front handles are positioned to make it easy to pull the board out of the water. The sturdy D-rings are perfect for securing larger bags, either across or diagonally to any of the front D-rings. If you have a lot of cargo at the back of the board, attach the leash to one of the front handle D-rings to prevent the leash from getting tangled in the luggage at the back.

Space for lots of cargo

Front bungee cords

The front bungee cords are perfectly positioned to secure lot of cargo.

Balance the load across the entire board length

Rear bungee cords

The rear bungee cords allow balancing your cargo across the entire board length, ensuring that the board sits perfectly in the water even with a lots of weight on it.

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Hook a Yster SUP Expedition Dry Bag 60 directly into the board

Compatible with Yster SUP Expedition Dry Bag 60

Our Yster SUP Expedition Dry Bag 60 – SUPdriven Expeditions Edition is designed to easily hook directly into your Yster ISUP 14’x 28″ Linear SUP board – both at the front and back.

Protection and grip on the entire front deck

Full coverage front deck pad

The full-coverage pad on the front deck serves multiple purposes: it insulates the board from direct sunlight and protects it from sharp objects. It also prevents gear and luggage from sliding around on the board. Ideal, if you plan to paddle with your dog.

Lift at the tail

Handle at the tail

The handle at the tail is a crucial detail for lifting the board out of the water, especially if you need to lift the board to bring the fin out of the water. The handle is handy if you need to wade a bit in shallow water before reaching deep enough water to prevent the fin from hitting the bottom.

Maintain course with a sturdy fin

9-inch flat water fin

The large flat water fin, along with the tracker fin in the nose, the board length and shape, contributes to directional stability, meaning the board moves straight in the water. It is made of impact-resistant polyamide and can handle tough conditions on your adventures.

Grip in all directions

Diamond-patterned deck pad

The pattern on the pad provides excellent grip in all directions, whether you’re riding barefoot or with boots.

Secure grip

Neoprene handle

The neoprene handle provides a secure grip on the board when carrying it on land or pulling it out of the water.

Read about Göran ‘Gossa’ Gustavsson’s victory in the 2023 Yukon River Quest SUP class on a Yster ISUP 14’x 28″ Linear.

Read the full story on TotalSUP.

Directional stability

Directional stability means how straight the board tracks in the water. In addition to the shape of the board, directional stability are also affected by e.g. wind, waves, currents, fin design and fin positioning, paddler’s position on the board and paddling technique.



Glide means how effortlessly the board moves in the water. In general, the longer and slimmer board, the better glide, but the shape and rocker of the board also has a great impact on the water flow characteristics. Other factors that affect the speed of the board are wind, waves, currents, fins, paddler’s positioning on the board and paddling technique.


Stability indicates how stable the board is to stand and paddle on. The static stability, i.e. when standing still on the board, is in essence affected by its width, bottom profile and fin size. The dynamic stability – when the boards travels in the water – is also affected by its width, bottom profile and fin size but also by the shape of the tail. As a result, Yster’s boards feel more stable, even though they are long and narrow. Other external factors that affect the perceived stability are wind, waves, currents, fins and paddler’s positioning on the board.

The number gives an relative indication of the weight of the characteristics.

Additional information

Weight 10.9 kg
Dimensions 427 × 71 × 15.2 cm

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