Yster SUP Basalty All Water


The Basalty series is designed for performance touring, long distance and adventure sup for paddlers who want to go fast and straight over long distances, often in all-water sup conditions, on a board that provides the stability to keep them going.

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Yster SUP Basalty All Water

The Basalty series is a high-performance all-water sup board engineered for performance touring, long-distance and adventure sup paddling. In designing this board, we have taken Yster’s original trademark features – Speed, Stability, and Directional Stability – and optimized them for paddlers who want to go fast and straight over long periods of time, often in all water conditions, on a board that provides the stability to keep them going. Basalty is the outcome of our efforts – in essence, the ideal companion for those adventurous paddlers who want to go farther.

We understand that comfort features are also essential when touring or going on adventure sup trips. That is why the board comes with a Venturi-optimized drainage system that helps keep the cockpit dry and useful storage solutions that offer both ease of access and a waterproof option for your most valuable items. Paddlers who wish to bring personal belongings, such as clothes, food, cameras, and more, during their aquatic adventures, easily hook Yster SUP Cockpit Dry Bag 16 or Yster SUP Dry Backpack 35 onto the straps in the cockpit which ensures a secure and stable fit, preventing the bag from shifting or getting in the way of the paddling strokes.

The Basalty series is constructed using a composite of carbon fiber and basalt. Basalt is an eco-friendly option to traditional fiberglass, as it is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that is abundant in the earth’s crust. It is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to moisture and UV rays. The combination of carbon fiber and basalt creates a strong yet lightweight board for optimal performance.

The standing area and rails are high-stress areas. That is why we have reinforced them with 12k biax carbon fiber, providing extra strength and durability to the board. Additionally, we have chosen a hydrophobic core that repels water, meaning it does not absorb water like traditional core materials or hollow boards. This is essential for long-distance trips, as it ensures the board does not get waterlogged in case of a ding or damage.

In the box
  • Yster SUP Basalty All-Water
  • Yster SUP 8″ Fast-Track Fin
Technical Specification
  • Design: Twill carbon basalt sandwich
  • Fin box: Standard single US fin box
  • Vent: Integrated vent
  • Drainage: 2 x optimized carbon Venturi
  • Shaper: Per Vallbo
  • Manufactured in EU
  • Flat water 90% 90%
  • All-water 100% 100%
  • Open water 80% 80%
  • Flat water Paddling in sheltered waters with some wind and chop up to approx. 25 cms.
  • All-water From paddling in sheltered waters to messy waters and downwinding.
  • Open water From light wind-driven downwind paddling to tough downwind in bigger waves and swell.

Yster SUP 14’x 22.5″ Basalty

Yster SUP 14’x 24″ Basalty

Yster SUP 14’x 26″ Basalty

Length 14’ (427 cm) Length 14’ (427 cm) Length 14’ (427 cm)
Width 22.5” (57.2 cm) Width 24” (61.0 cm) Width 26” (66.0 cm)
Height 11 5/16″ (28.7 cm) Height 11 1/8” (28.2 cm) Height 10 1/2” (26.7 cm)
Volume 271 liter Volume 289 liter Volume 295 liter
Weight 12.75 kg Weight 13.50 kg Weight 14.0 kg
Max recommended weight capacity 85 kg Max recommended weight capacity 90 kg Max recommended weight capacity 100 kg
  • Directional stability 90% 90%
  • Glide 95% 95%
  • Stability 30% 30%
  • Directional stability 85% 85%
  • Glide 80% 80%
  • Stability 40% 40%
  • Directional stability 85% 85%
  • Glide 75% 75%
  • Stability 70% 70%
Directional stability means how straight the board tracks in the water. In addition to the shape of the board, directional stability are also affected by e.g. wind, waves, currents, fin design and fin positioning, paddler’s position on the board and paddling technique.

Glide means how effortlessly the board moves in the water. In general, the longer and slimmer board, the better glide, but the shape and rocker of the board also has a great impact on the water flow characteristics. Other factors that affect the speed of the board are wind, waves, currents, fins, paddler’s positioning on the board and paddling technique.

Stability indicates how stable the board is to stand and paddle on. The static stability, i.e. when standing still on the board, is in essence affected by its width, bottom profile and fin size. The dynamic stability – when the boards travels in the water – is also affected by its width, bottom profile and fin size but also by the shape of the tail. As a result, Yster’s boards feel more stable, even though they are long and narrow. Other external factors that affect the perceived stability are wind, waves, currents, fins and paddler’s positioning on the board.


Lift in choppy waters

Positive nose angle

The positive nose angle provides uplift and helps to lift the board out of the water, which can be particularly beneficial in choppy waters and all-water SUP paddling.

Minimum water resistance

Cutting nose

The cutting nose design minimizes water resistance and improves the board’s performance. This design feature allows the board to cut through the water more efficiently, maintaining the board’s momentum between paddle strokes.

Keep momentum in messy waters

Volume where it is needed

A large volume in the front helps to keep the board up in choppy waters and all-water sup conditions, providing additional buoyancy and stability to prevent the board from being slowed down or dragged down by waves.

Do not get drenched

Defecting front deck

The front deck is engineered to deflect splashing water from entering the cockpit, helping to keep the cockpit dry and prevent unnecessary water-weight from being carried on the board.

Stability in all waters

Lower your center of gravity

The dug-out cockpit provides greater stability by lowering the paddler’s center of gravity, which allows maintained stability and control over the board, even for a narrower board.

<p>Naked Carbon</p>

Keep things close at hand

Bungee cords in cockpit

The bungee cords in the cockpit allow you to secure gear and provide easy access, making it convenient to carry and access items such as water bottles, shoes, and dry-bags while on the board.

Keep your valuables dry

Water proof hatch

The waterproof hatch is perfect for storing items that you want to keep dry, such as mobile phones, car keys, sunglasses, and other essentials. 

Temperature in control

Integrated air vent

The air vent allows the board to “breathe” and prevents delamination by releasing excess air pressure that can build up inside the board due to changes in temperature or altitude. This helps to maintain the board’s structural integrity and prolong its lifespan.

Dual leash plugs

Leash plugs

Two sets of leash plugs are installed on the board, one in the cockpit and one at the tail, providing flexibility for individual preferences in leash attachment.

Let your feet stay dry


The board features dual drainage pipes that are designed to quickly and efficiently drain any water that enters the cockpit, helping to keep the cockpit dry and prevent the board from being destabilized by water moving around. The carbon fiber drainage pipes utilize the Venturi effect to quickly drain the standing area.

Perfect grip

Soft handle

The reinforced cushioned handle makes it easy to pull the board out of the water and provides a secure grip, even in windy conditions. Additionally, the comfortable grip makes it easier to carry the board for extended periods.

Well balanced for adventure SUP trips

Volume at the tail

The volume in the tail is important for maximizing the board’s performance in flat water and all-water sup conditions. It helps the board ride more smoothly as the volume at the tail prevents the tail from sinking or bogging down, which can result in a loss of speed and momentum.

Full control when you need to step back

Dual Kick pads

Dual kick pads are located on the tail of the board to provide grip and control, allowing for more advanced maneuvers and greater stability when standing near the tail.

Phenomenal glide

Droplet shaped outline

The droplet-formed outline of the board is engineered to optimize hydrodynamics, minimizing water resistance, and reducing the drag that would otherwise slow down the board. The optimized hydrodynamics result in phenomenal glide, allowing the board to maintain momentum in the water between paddle strokes.

Fast and stable

Narrow square tail with hard edge

The narrow square tail design is perfectly optimized to provide both speed and stability. The efficient water release from the narrow tail and hard edge allow for greater speed, while the square shape of the tail provides dynamic stability, ensuring the board remains stable even in challenging water conditions.

Keep on paddling in messy waters

Optimized bottom profile 

The optimized bottom profile is designed to provide stability, tracking and glide, making it perfect for long-distance paddling. The shape of the bottom profile creates a stable platform that helps keep the board from tipping, even in choppy conditions and all-water sup conditions. At the same time, the profile is designed to reduce drag, allowing the board to glide smoothly and efficiently through the water with minimal deceleration.

Helps you stay on course

Double concave bottom profile

The double concave bottom profile is designed to improve both tracking and stability. The two concaves create a central ridge that helps the board track straighter through the water, minimizing the need for constant course corrections. Additionally, the double concave provides extra stability by creating two channels of water that run along the rails and ultimately improving overall stability.

Good grip for your feet

Weight optimised deck pad

The weight-optimized deck pad offers perfect grip for both barefooted paddling and with boots.

Reinforced against damage to high-stress areas

Reinforced rails and standing area.

The Basalty boards features reinforced rails and standing area with 12k biax carbon fiber, which provides increased strength and durability to these high-stress areas of the board.

No water from the side

High rails

The high rails provide stability and prevent water from entering the cockpit in all-water sup conditions.

Efficient release

Hard rails

The hard rails i.e. sharp edges makes water release more efficeitn which causes less drag i.e. better glide.

Fin positioning provides course stability

Finbox at the back

The fin box is placed far back at the tail to provide maximum directional stability to the board through the placement of the fin.

Photo @stapaddla

I used the Yster SUP 14’x 26″ Basalty in the Swedish National Championship long distance race, and it was stable enough in the horrible conditions to be able to maintain a good steady pace, tracking really nicely in the side waves! Normally you would need to only paddle on one side in such conditions, but I was able to paddle on both! An excellent all water board! The volume in the nose meant that it popped up nicely on the way out though the waves, and didn’t get that stopped feeling you get from a lot of other boards! Surfing the waves on the way in was great, as soon as you felt the nose dropping into the waves in front it was just to step back and enjoy the ride! The glide was great, and to catch the waves was a simple matter!

Martin won the Swedish national championship’s long-distance race in the Master class in August 2023 on his Yster SUP 14’x 26″ Basalty.


Martin Hunter

Swedish SUP Sprint champion, three World Champion medals and two Olympic games in sprint canoeing, Hunter Coaching Consulting, https://www.facebook.com/HunterCoachConsult/

Photo @ystersup

I used the Yster SUP 14’x 26″ Basalty for the SUP 11 Cities non-stop, a 207km race through Friesland, Holland, where you had to complete the distance in under 34 hours to earn the much sought-after 11 Cities Cross. I needed a board that would deal with the unpredictability of the lakes, where wind swell and boat traffic could result in large waves and chop, but still cut through the flat waters of the canals while remaining comfortable for such a long time paddling without getting off the board.

The board performed flawlessly; on the first lake, we had wind swell from the right and rough waters coming from the left due to boat traffic – the board handled each irregular bump with ease, and I was able to continue powering through the swell in the direction I needed to go without having to change course to deal with the bumps. When water spilled over into the cockpit, it quickly drained through the central drainage hole.

When I was on the flat canals and rivers, the board cut through with ease, with minimal release from the tail. I could maintain a steady, low cadence, essential for an ultra-challenge like this, and make the most of the board’s natural glide. There was plenty of room to move around in the cockpit too, allowing me to adjust my stance and feet positioning to help keep the blood flowing and prevent cramping.

Regarding storage, there was ample space for a dry bag in front of the standing area, and if needed, I could have placed a bag behind me. It’s also amazing that this is one of the first boards I’ve come across featuring a watertight storage hatch in the cockpit. It’s perfectly sized to fit a phone and keys, and it’s also large enough to hold a can of beer if you were on a more relaxed paddle!

Craig completed the 207 km of the SUP 11 Cities non-stop tour in 33 hours, 27 minutes and 7 seconds. 

Craig Sawyer

Ultra Endurance and Expedition Paddler, SUP Fitness & Training Coach, www.thesupcoach.co.uk

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14'x 22.5", 14'x 24", 14'x 26"


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