Yster SUP 14’x 26″ Legend


The Yster SUP 14’x 26” Legend is the perfect SUP-board for all-water condition – from flat-water to open water and downwind.

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SUP 14’x 26″ Legend

Perfect for all-water conditions

The Yster SUP 14’x 26” Legend has a perfect width for all-water conditions: It is narrow enough to efficiently cut though flat-water conditions with minimum resistance, yet wide enough to catch waves and bumps in open water. In downwind and open water conditions, the large volume in the front efficiently keeps the board above the surface. It also has bungee cord in the cockpit and integrated bungee cords at the tail pad.

The Legend-series, inspired by classic Nordic speed boats, is co-designed with the multiple Swedish SUP champion Maya Persson.

In the box
  • Yster SUP 14’x 26″ Legend
  • 8″ Fast-Track fin
  • Vent plug
Technical specification:
  • Design: Carbon fiber sandwich med with wood veneer.
  • Length: 14’ (427 cm)
  • Width: 26” (66 cm)
  • Height: 8 9/16” (21.7 cm)
  • Volume: 250 liter
  • Weight: 13.6 kg
  • Optimal weight capacity: 70-75 kg
  • Fin setup: Single center.


Perfect lift

Nose shape & volume

The nose rocker provides lift in both upwind and downwind conditions. In downwind and all-water conditions, the large volume in the front will keep the board above the surface. The voluminous front also helps when paddling into headwinds.

Minimum water resistance

Displacement hull

The displacement hull is designed to effectively cut though flat- and all water conditions with minimum resistance.

Superior directional stability

Bottom profile

The double concave bottom profile in combination with the nose shape provides superior directional stability in choppy and windy conditions.

Optimized release

Tail shape

The square tail is designed for dynamic stability as well as optimal water flow release to minimize the drag that will slow down the speed of the board

Extraordinary glide

Matte finish

The matte finish on the bottom deck helps to reduce friction in the water, which provides better glide.

Keep a water bottle within reach

Bungee cords in cockpit

With packing straps in the cockpit, a water bottle or mobile phone is always close at hand.

Bring your stuff

Integrated bungee cords

Strap your stuff at the  back to balance the load evenly across the board.

With integrated packing straps at the tail pad, the load is balanced even with a few extra kilos of packing. The tail pad prevents packing from rolling around on the board.


Bring some more

Additional fix points 

The integrated fix points in the front and back are perfect if you need to bring lots of stuff on your long distance paddling.

Genuine materials

Carbon wood hybrid

The Legend has a top deck of beautiful glossy FSC certified wood veneer. The full carbon bottom deck provides strength and stiffness to the board.

Efficient drainage

Venturi drainage

Water in the cockpit is sucked out by the venturi effect as you travel at speed through the water. The higher the speed, the more efficiently the water is sucked out.

Handle with ease

Perfect grip

The ergonomic grip is an experience in its own as it follows the natural curved grip of your hand. This makes the board easier to carry and makes loading and unloading safer.

Temperature in control

Vent plug

Our hard boards are equipped with vent plugs to allow them to adapt to temperature fluctuations. This is important as overheating may lead to delamination. Even if the vent prevents delamination boards should not be left in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Additional information

Weight 13.6 kg
Dimensions 427 × 61.0 × 20.3 cm


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